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Industrial Installations


Industrial Installations, Inc., is known to have some of the best factory -trained technicians in the country. They are qualified in several overhead cranes services. In addition the Industrial techs understand and are trained in OSHA, MIOSHA and ANSI Operator Training and Compliance. Our folks also specialize in training including: Daily Inspection Training, Frequent Inspection Training and Preventative Maintenance Training. For companies that need Hoist and Crane Testing & Repair as well as Gear Box, Brake & Drive Testing & Repair, Industrial also has qualified technicians to assist in those arenas. Many companies count on Industrial Installations for Millwright Services, Equipment Moving and Relocation and Load Testing, as well as several other related services.

If you or your company is in need of any type of overhead crane service or any related service, please feel free to contact Industrial Installations.



At Industrial Installations we have worked with hundreds of companies in virtually every industry imaginable. By doing so it has charged us with developing custom solutions for many of the unique challenges our customers face, This often means custom fabrication of overhead bridge cranes, below-the-hook lifting devices, hoists and jib cranes. In addition, we offer custom fabrication of mezzanines, scaffolds, monorail systems, spreader beams, vacuum lifters, and fall protection systems as well as other equipment of virtually every size and type.
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At Industrial Installations you get all of the support you need to operate your business more efficiently, more effectively, safer and in compliance. We offer various types of training, including but certainly not limited to:
OSHA, MIOSHA, and ANSI Operator Training
Daily Inspection Training
Frequent Inspection Training
Preventative Maintenance Training
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Our millwrights are highly precision and exceptionally skilled tradesman who install, dismantle, move and reassemble various types in industrial settings. Industrial Installations' Millwrights have the ability to read and understand in-depth plans regarding complicated machinery. They have the experience to disassemble and reassemble the equipment, as well as relocate it to another area in your facility or to another facility.
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Moving your heavy equipment is no small task. However, the highly trained Industrial Installations Team is experienced in machinery relocation, whether it be relocating your equipment to another area of your facility or moving your it to a totally different location. We understand your equipment and how sensitive it can be and we move it with precision and care. We are also bonded and insured for equipment relocation. Feel free to contact us for a quote regarding relocating your equipment.
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For decades Industrial Installations has tested, repaired and upgraded electrical hoists and crane components. Our repair and testing (and upgrades) include radio controls, soft starts, frequency drives and anti-collision. When it comes to Hoist and Crane testing, repair and upgrades, come to Industrial Installations.
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Load testing is an OSHA requirement. In fact, OSHA requires that all new Overhead Cranes must be load tested prior to being placed into service. Additionally, existing cranes must be load tested after any modification or re-rating.  common source of confusion for many of our customers for a number of reasons.  This holds true for both Overhead Cranes and Gantry Cranes. For more information on Load Testing feel free to contact us.
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